The Fourmost (1/11/2013)


The Fourmost are : Brian O'Hara (gtr, vcls), Mike Millward (gtr, vcls), Billy Hatton (bs gtr) and Dave Lovelady (drums.)

March 1, 1961 : The Four Jays, still amateurs since 1958, make their debut at Liverpool's cavern club, 3 weeks beforeThe Beatles' first performance there.

Nov. 1961 : Millward and old friend O'Hara and Hatton, moves to Liverpool to join the group when a guitar slot falls vavcant.

Nov. 1962 : Deciding to turn professional, and now with a stable line-up, the group changes its name to THE FOUR MOSTS.

June, 1963 : Brian Epstein takes over the band's management, amends the name to  THE FOURMOST, and signs it to EMI's Parlophone label.

July 3, 1963 : Debut single is recorded at Abbey Road studios. It is an early Lennon/McCartney song which The Beatles have chosen not to record commercially. As in his lauch of Billy J. Kramer, Epstein encourages full exploitation of this Beatles connection.

Oct. 19, 1963 : Hello Little Girl hits UK #9

Dec. 24, 1963 : The Fourmost take part in "The Beatles Christmas Show", with Rolph Harris, The Barron Knights, Tommy Quickly, B.J. Kramer & The Dakotas andCilla Black, mixing music and pantomime, which opens at London's Finsburry Park Astoria. It runs until January 11, 1964.

Jan. 25, 1964 : A 2d Lennon/McCartney song, the soft-rock ballad I'm In Love, reaches UK #17.

Mar. 7, 1966 : Millward dies; aged 23, in Bromborough hospital, Cheshire.

May 1, 1966 : Group plays on a bill topped by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones at the NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS Poll Winners concert at the Empire Pool, Wembley, London.

Aug. , 1966 : Here There And Everywhere, a cover of a track from The Beatles' album REVOLVER, is released inter alia Rosetta, produced by Paul.

1967 : Group will move into musical / comedy cabaret in UK Northern clubs during the remainder of the 60's, before eventually disbanding.




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