Unissued Bill Haley's radio recordings 1946-1950: from Western swing... (5/05/2008)

B. Haley - from western swing...bookletB. Haley - from western swing...volume 4All these acetate tracks were unissued at the time of their recordings: Rose of My Heart; Cherry Tree Lane: adapted by Bill Haley and based on the book "Mary Poppins In Cherry Tree Lane" published in 1934; Cute Little Brown-Eyed Girl; A Sweet Bunch of Roses; Yodel Your Blues Away; Candy and Women; Behind the Eight Ball; Ages and Ages Ago: from Gene Autry, CBS/COLUMBIA 20114 & 37322,1948; Honestly; I Dreamed of an Old Love Affair: from Jimmie Davis, Capitol, 1942; Whispering; I Love You So Much It Hurts: from Floyd Tillman (Ryan, deceased on 22/08/2003), CBS/COLUMBIA, 1948; Little Rock, Arkansas; A Bundle of Kisses; Are You Teasing Me?, first recorded by Carl Smith and The Tunesmiths, COLUMBIA, 1952, US Country Charts #1; I Want You; Gotta Have My Baby Back: from Floyd Tillman's I ('ve) gotta..., COLUMBIA, 1946, US Country Charts #6 and Jimmy Wakely, Capitol, 1948; Take Me in Your Arms: from Eddy Arnold's Take Me In Your Arms And Hold Me, RCA0150, 1949 [15/05/1918-8/05/2008]; Teardrops from My Eyes.***A few songs are already listed in another article.***The Down Homers (comprising Bill Haley on lead vocals) on January 27, 1946 at a WOWO [Fort Wayne, Indiana] radio show sung She Taught Me How To Yodel: from Elton Britt, RCA/Bluebird, 1941 [recorded in 1962 by British singer Frank Ifield with Norrie Paramor AHC, EMI/Columbia 45-DB 4913]).***The yodel is a kind of sung voice especially in Switzerland and Austria.***Proper records 4-CD box set notes: "Franny" Beecher (of Bill Haley's Comets) has confirmed that 'The Jumping Jaguars' was a side-project for him, and the lead singer on "Knock-Kneed Nellie From Knoxville" [btw, Hancock's "K-KN" is not a cover song] and "Shut The Door Baby" (Decca 9-29938, rel. 18/06/1956 [both splendid r'n'r songs!) would have actually been Billy Williamson. Both songs were recorded between "Rockin' Through The Rye" and "Calling All Comets" sessions (on April 24, 1956)."***In my opinion: The Jumping Jaguars' musicians were: Jack Hammer (lead vcls & drums on both sides; Francis "Franny" Beecher (gtr); Mame Watts (pno); chorus (probably Franny Beecher, Billy Williamson...), NO BASS [bass line played on piano]; tenor sax is still unknown.***Also issued by Decca/OMEGA 9.61.062, Belgium, 1956.***Tidbit time: Jack Hammer (aka Earl S. Burroughs recorded lotsa songs in Belgium for Ronnex Records i.a "Come Twist Around The Clock"!!!) owned and directed by Albert Van Hooghten (in Antwerp) alias "A. Vano".***His brother, René (aka Ray Maxwell), launched the Belgian and US Moonglow labels (5000 serie) and the US Palette (PZ) in the late 50s.***At the time of Van Hooghten decease, Ronnex was bought out by EMI Belgium.***Other Proper records notes about The Jumping Jaguars: ...Franny Beecher (lead gtr). Question: who played the rhythm gtr seeing theres no lead gtr without it !? (Billy Williamson?)...Of course, not.