Jan and Dean - Paul McCartney (18/08/2010)

jan & dean - cd - 90 ko - 1989.jpgFeb. 1963 : Linda, a revival of Jack Lawrence's 1944 song about his lawyer's daughter Linda Eastman (later to become Mrs. Paul McCartney-wedding on 12 March 1969 at Marylebone Register Office, London) borrows some of the beat and falsetto vocalizing of the recent Four Seasons hits, and reaches US # 28. Lew Adler recommends that the duo should get involved in the burgeoning California surf music scene (until now and mainly instrumental) since both are keen surfers. For Jan And Dean Take Linda Surfin', mainly of cover versions, they record 2 surfing songs they know from singing them live - Brian Wilson's Surfin' and Surfin' Safari, entlisting the help of Wilson and the other Beach Boys to back them in the studio. July '63: Jan And Dean Take Linda Surfin' reaches US #71.

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