The Jodimars : Rattle my bones [I'm gonna rattle my own bones too :-)] (my baby shot me down)

Image Rattle My Bones label shot: photo by Terry Gordon, Rocking Country Style Webmaster, Atlanta, U.S.A. (thanks a lot, Terry). ***http://rcs.law.emory.edu/rcs/index.htm***Both songs are featured among the 26 ones featured on this quite fantastic UK Rockstar CD released in 1994 featuring Bill Haley's songs as well. In fact, Rattle my bones was rearranged by Jesse Stone from Nappy Brown with Teacho Wilshire and His Orchestra's "Open Up That Door (And Walk Right In My Heart)" issued on Savoy 1196 early 1956.Photo: left to right: Bob Simpson, Marshall Lytle, Jim Buffington, Joey D'Ambrosio, Dick Richards, Charlie "Chuck" Hess" (circa 1955). US promo label shots: May and August 1956.

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