Something new about the tune Stack O' Lee Blues (5/03/2010-last update 13/03/2010)

Down Home BoysFrom the Bill Haley WB Sessions) :***The true original cut of this song was recorded circa 1899/1900 but unreleased until May 1927 on BLACK PATTI 8030-B (American Record Company/ARC) by Long Cleve Reed & Little ('Papa') Harvey Hull - Down Home Boys (trio including Sunny Wilson also from a late 1895 nursery rhyme called "Bad Man Stack-O-Lee"-trad. is dating back to 1903).***Lee Shelton (b.03/16/1865) alias Lee Stack (sometimes wrongly spelled as SHELDON (who died on March 11, 1912) shot Lyons because of his Stetson hat in a poker party.***And finally, one word about Billy Lyons whose real house hold name was William Lyons (born in 1864) presumed to be a Black policeman.***It seems the first songs to appear are dating back to 1923 : (Fred) Waring's Pennsylvanians-vocal refrain by Vernon Dalhart, (Victor 19189 A recorded on 10/16 as well as Frank Westphal & His Regal Novelty Orchestra (Columbia 32d recorded on 10/18).***Tidbit-time: Archibald (Leon T. Gross) sometimes called 'Archie Boy') recorded Stack-A'Lee (Pt1/Pt2) released in 05/1950, 07/1955 and 01/1959 (Imperial x5068, x5358 and x5563-(s) Leon T. Gross, Sr.).***Nota: William Lyons died from his wounds on 12/26/1895 (death certificate No 3605) and burried two days later in the Bridgewater plot in St. Peter's Cemetery, St. Louis, MO.***Maybe Billy Lyon's was Archie Boy's alias Leon T. Gross, great-greatgrandfather (??). Image: Down Home Boys : L to R : Long Cleve Reed (gtr), Little 'Papa' Harvey Hull (vcls), Sunny Wilson (gtr).Stack O' Lee Blues - original issued in 05-1927billy lyons - death certificate