THE MARMALADE : Beatles' songs : cover songs sung in English - Life goes on, bra...(Pt 5-end)

beatles - obladi oblada - french pic cover.jpgOb-la-di, ob-la-da,  life goes on, bra...La la how the life goes on. Desmond has a barrow in the market place....Sitll written by the famous duet John Lennon and Paul McCartney especially for Desmond Dekker who has lived in the St. Thomas township and has worked as an engineering welder before joining studio group THE ACES, records his first Jamaican single, Honour Your Mother And Father, for Yabba label in 1963. France picture cover from 1968...And if you want some FUN, take obladi blada, hey ! Ob-la-di, ob-la-da is Yoruba-speaking from Nigeria...La vie continue...

 http://youtu.be/LedUjMuTR7Q / http://youtu.be/HPoNH4gidLg

As for THE MARMALADE from Glasgow, Scotland (originally formed in 1961 as "THE GAYLORDS [not to be confused with the American vocal band of the same name] consisting of Dean Ford (lead vcls) a.k.a. Thomas McAleese, Alan Whitehead (drms); William "Junior" Campbell (lead gtr); John Graham Knight (bs gtr, vcls); Patrick Fairley (rhythm gtr) sell around 1,000,000 copies in the U.K. by April 1969...And if you want some JAM...take obladi blada, hey !

The band charts UK #1 on 31.12.1968 and re-charts UK #1 on 14.01.1969; Belgium #2 in 01/1969; Austria (from 15/3 to 15/4/1969) & Norway #1; CH #2 in 01/1969; GER #3 in 01/1969; NL #4 in 12/1968.

OB-LA-DI OB-LA-DA : CBS 3892 released in December 1968 : THE MARMALADE With Orchestra Arranged By Keith Mansfield. Produced By Mike Smith. http://youtu.be/_qSOhp1HGwg (Marmalade)

The pictures covers from left is an NL pressing and the second one comes from Belgium. Bra ? Pour les canadiens c'est un soutien-gorge mais pas en anglais : bra signifie "brassière". D'ailleurs qu'aurait fait Desmond Dekker avec un soutien-gorge ? Je me le demande! Surtout que c'est un marchand de quatre saisons...La version en espagnol de Los Mustang "Obladi Oblada" n'est pas en reste. EMI/La voz de su amo J-006.20.012, 1969. marmalade - new scan - 21-10-2011.jpgmarmalade - other picture cover - 1968 - BE.jpg

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