What happened to some Beatles members on 31.12.1966 & 31.12.1970 ?

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1966 : George Harrison is refused admission to Annabel's nightclub in London for not wearing a tie, so he, and his party, including wife Patti, Brian Epstein and Eric Clapton see in the New Year at Joe Lyon's Corner House in Coventry Street in the West End of London.


1970 : Paul McCartney files suit against the rest of the group to dissolve THE BEATLES & Co. partnership and seeks the appointment of a receiver to handle the group's affairs. He also ends links with Allen Klein who now handles the affairs of the other 3. Happy New Year for all their fans.

It's my turn to wish you all a very good New Year's Eve dinner and at the same time a very very

HAPPY NEW YEAR ! God bless...

Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero.


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