Ringo (and many friends) : Ringo Rama 2003

This album (charted at US #113 but UK DNC) includes i.a. the hit single "Never Without You" and limited edition bonus DVD released on March 25th, 2003 on Universal/Koch records.***His friends : Gary Burr, bass; Eric Clapton, gtr; Shawn Colvin, backing vocals; David Gimourn gtr; Charlie Haden, jazz bassist; Willie Nelson, guest vcls, gtr; Van Dyke Parksn piano and Timothy B. Schmitt, backing vocals.***Vocal accompaniment provided by i.a. Sarah Hudson, Nicole Renée Harris, Christiana Rumbley...Ringo Rama - CDRingo Rama - livret - 2003Ringo Rama - DVD

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Otis Redding : Day Tripper (21/12/2007)

1957: Redding (b. Sept.9, 1941, Dawson, GA) leaves school in Macon, Georgia, to take a variety of day jobs, and sing in talent shows at every opportunity, frequently finding success with Little Richard imitation.

Oct.15, 1966: Complete And Unbelievable...The Otis Redding Dictionary Of Soul is released and makes US #73 and UK #23 in January 1967 including his cover of Day Tripper which was recorded on Sept.13, 1966. US reference : VOLT LP 415. French STAX single 169.026, 1967.

Dec.10, 1967: En route to a concert in the Mid-West, the twin-engined chartered plane carrying him and his road band, The Bar-Kays, goes down in the icy waters of Lake Monoma, near Madison, WI. The only survivor is Memphis-born Ben Cauley - at 20, the oldest of The Bar-Kays. At Redding's funeral, the pall-bearers are fellow soul singers Joe Tex, Joe Simon, Johnnie Taylor, Solomon Burke, Percy Sledge, Don Covay and Sam Moore, of Sam and Dave.

3 CD box set is released by ATLANTIC in 1987 (Germany 7567-81762-2 / France CA 824.)



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