The Overlanders : Michelle

Originally playing folk songs, the band found success by during the beat era. Their only major hit was a cover version of The Beatles' song, Michelle which topped the UK chart in January 1966. Arrangements by Tony Hatch. NL / UK single Pye 7N 17034, 12/1965; FR Pye/Vogue EP 24.161, 1966 (UK Pye EP NEP 24 245, 04/1966.) http://youtu.be/N77pVaKG0is

The Overlanders consisted of : Paul Friswell, lead gtr (b. 18 Aug. 1942, Bretford, Rugby, Warwickshire, England; Laurie Mason, piano, percussion, vocals (1940-1994); Peter Bartholomew, guitar, vocals; Terry Widlake, bass gtr; David Walsh, drums.

In 2001, Castle Records issued a CD assembling The Overlanders' complete released recordings, entitledoverlanders - michelle -NL single - 1966.jpgthe overlanders - ep francais (15-09-2012).jpg "michelle : The Pye Anthology."the overlanders - cd castle 2001 (15-09-2012).jpg 

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