Billy Preston et les Beatles (1968, 1969 & 1970)

En novembre 1968, les Beatles achevaient d'enregistrer ce double LP blanc "White Album". Jean Martin, manager du Sixteenth Century débarque à Londres à Abbey Road studios avec une bobine contenant e.a. Daydream - construite différemment que la version définitive. Le Wallace arrive à Londres (tous frais payés par EMI) le 6 janvier 1969 [époque à laquelle les Beatles travaillent sur leur prochain single Get Back] pour y enregister une chanson qui fera un carton par la suite courant mars 1969 (#1 en France et en Belgique francophone, #2 en Belgique néerlandophone, #14 aux Pays-Bas, #41 en Angleterre et plusieurs #1 en Amérique du Sud et Centrale...):"Daydream"...I fell asleep admid the flowers for a couple of hours on a beautiful day...Macca avait déclaré début 1969: "After us, it will be (them"[http://www.wallacecollection.net].Les 7/12/68 (UK) et 28/12/68 (USA), ce double LP est # 1.It is referred to as the White Album because of its plain white sleeve (a reversal from Sgt. Pepper's lavish one.For the 1st time The Beatles (including Billy Preston not credited) worked separately on some of the songs on the album/LP Record, as cracks began to appear in the partnership.*****20th Aug., 1969: The Beatles were together for the last time in a recording studio (I want you [She's so heavy]) for Abbey Road featuring Billy Preston still not credited.This LP topped UK and US charts (4th Oct. and 1st Nov. of 1969)/updated 14th June, 2006. 23rd May, 1970: Let It Be (Billy Preston credited on the backside of the cover) tops UK chart "a cardboard tombstone" and a sad and tatty end to a musical fusion".The Beatles are no more: Macca [the press writes that he was the man who broke up The Beatles] is recording simultaneously his debut solo album McCartney (UK #2 & US #1, 05/1970), John making hits with the Plastic Ono Band (Cold Turkey, (means hard drug) and Give Peace A Chance as well and, Ringo about to release his album Sentimental Journey : UK #7 & US #22, 04/1970 (among the arrangers there was his friend Maurice (Gibb) of the Bee Gees (a duo including Barry!) themselves). George begins recording All Things Must Pass (UK #4 & US #1, 12/1970).

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