The Beatles and Deep Purple (MkI) - 1968 (22/03/07)

A-DP-Help-1968***Slow rendition of The Beatles' HELP taken from the album Shades Of Deep Purple released in U.K. by EMI/Parlophone and in US on Bill Cosby's Tetragrammaton label in September 1968.***This LP record made US #24 without a UK placing.***DP Mk I was formed by ex The Maze Rod Evans, vcls & Ian Paice, drums (both ex MI 5 as well); Jon Lord, ex The Artwoods [Art Wood is Ron's brother] (currently playing with The Flower Pot Men); Ritchie Blackmore, ex THE LANCASTERS [1963] (Titan records/USA!); ex The Outlaws; ex The Tornados; ex the Ritchie Blackmore Orchestra; ex The Delfonic; ex Screaming Lord Sutch; ex Neil Christian and The Crusaders and, Nick Simper, ex Johnny Kidd and The Pirates, ex Flower Pot Men.***Comments by "Cab." : "the combined talents of five young men are here extended to create realms of musical colour such as never been heard before on record in shades of Deep Purple.***Produced by Derek Lawrence - Engineer : Barry Ainsworth.***I'm a DP fan of all time...

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