ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK LIVE (2 LPs) - 30/05/2008 + something about THE AIR MAIL band

Bill Haley was thinking of another new name for his band. He proposed Bill Haley and The Bill Haley's Comets! Quickly forgotten to keep "Bill Haley" / "Bill Haley and The Comets".***Bill Haley "Live": at The Bitter End, Greenwich Village, 149 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10012, December 16, 1969 on Buddah records/Kama Sutra KSBS 2014, March 1970 (Bill Haley Scrapbook-German LP).***Executive Producer Richard Nader, in association with Lewis Merenstein.***This LP was released in France ten years later on Vogue/Mode 509061 late in1980.***(C) 1980 Vogue P.I.P.***The other one released in Germany on EUROPA 111 548.0 (budget label licensed by SONET, Sweden) is practically unkown.***Two tracks are live ones: RATC and Razzle-Dazzle: where from? (South Africa or overdubbed with public audience???).***This album also includes 4 instrumental tracks composed by John (?) Sprangers.***The German guests group The Air Mail (earlier a pseudonym for the garage hangover band (The) German Bonds (Star-Club & Polydor) comprised unknown studio musicians in 1978 and 1980 (without Bill Haley playing).***A-side: 1980 recordings; B-side: 1978 recordings.***LP released in Germany in 1980.***It is true John Lawton along with Tony Cavanna (Toni Cavanaugh/Lee Patterson) were members of The Air Mail in 1971 and 1972.***Special thanks to Ralph, John Lawton's MySpace webmaster and Klaus Kettner owner of Hydra Recs, Germany.***In order, back side and front side of the German LP.B. Haley Scrapbook - 60 dpiBill Haley - EUROPA LP - rearBill Haley - EUROPA LP A-sideB. Haley - LP MODE - 1980 - 65 dpi


ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK (Live LP's) by Bill Haley (28/05/2008)

"BILL HALEY ON STAGE", Stockholm, Sweden, 24th June 1968 ("with invited audience". Do you know who they were? If not, the mafia!!!), pickwick/HALLMARK records SHM 773, UK, September 1972.[originally Sonet (UK) SNT 302, 03/1970 (Bill Haley And The Comets In Sweden: Rock Around The Clock) then Sonet (Sweden) GDP 9989, 11/1971 (Bill Haley On Stage).***Recorded live at Hammersmith Palais, UK, March 25, 1974, WEA filipacchi music/ATLANTIC 40555, France, June/July 1974.[originally ATLANTIC/Antic K51501, UK, June 1974].***Feat. i.a. Freddy Moore on drums.***Also played in Belgium next 14th May at the Conservatory in Liège including Beecher's Boogie Woogie, I was there!).BILL HALEY 5Bill-Haley--The-Comets-Live-In-London-74-ATL LPBill Haley live in London - rearHaley-Hallmark LPHaley-Atlantic LPBill Haley-Pop Show programme-14-05-1974

ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK (live versions on CDs) by Bill Haley (28/05/2008)

April 1956: live in the studio "one...two" : "count-in" by drummer Billy Gussak, one two three o'clock...: Rock 'n Roll Stage Show on the MCA CD MCD 30490, France, 1993.***Spring 1956: Rock And Roll Dance Party on the Magnum Music Group CD CDMF 075, 30/10/1991.***August 1972: the LONDON Rock & Roll Show at Wembley Stadium on the Delta Music/LaserLight CD 32 538, Germany, 2005 (first issued on the Magnum Music CD CDMF 105, 2000).***Other live version on CD: Olympia, Paris, France, 14 & 15 October 1958 on Chris Evans' Big Beat Records Vive la Rock n' Roll, France, 2002...rock around the clock live,one   two  ratc  version,paris - olympia - octobre 1958rock around the clock live,one   two  ratc  version,paris - olympia - octobre 1958rock around the clock live,one   two  ratc  version,paris - olympia - octobre 1958rock around the clock live,one   two  ratc  version,paris - olympia - octobre 1958

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