John Smith And The New Sound (Pt 1) : Birthday

john smith - birthday (new scan-23-10-2011).jpgGarage hangover John Smith And The New Sound was a UK band managed and produced by Bill Wellings and directed by Johnny Harris.

This band was completely unknow in the UK and blithely unreleased there. However, they were best known in Western Europe especially in Germany and Switzerland and France where it did not chart (DNC).

This German 45 rpm single is the original pressing recorded at PYE Studios in London with many studio musicians.

References : Germany : vogue Schallplatten DV 14819, 1968 and in France : disques vogue V. 45 - 1558, 1968.

 http://youtu.be/ldiEwXQuw54 (thanks surfrider1962 :D)

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