The Rolling Stones : We Love You [video] (3/04/2008)

Beatblog-Stones1Beatblog-Stones2***18 May 1967: John and Paul tunr up for a Rolling Stones recording session at Olympic Studios in Barnes, London. They contribute backing vocals to We Love You.***September 9, 1967: We Love You, the group's thank you to fans after events of the last few months (25/03: group begins 16-date European tour in Malmö, Sweden, set to end April 17 in Athens, Greece) backed with Dandelion, hits UK #8.***It opens with the sound of footsteps and cell doors being slammed and features backing vocals from Lennon and McCartney. The video also features Marianne Faithfull, a MySpace friend (thanks, Marianne).***USA, October 7: We Love You makes #50.***USA, October 14: A-side Dandelion reaches #14.***Both sides make #18 in the Belgian (Dutch-speaking) hit parade next November.

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